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Various rants from myself and others
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.: Unreal Links

Old Unreal - The best place for all your unreal needs. Homepage for the new 227 patch.

}TCP{ Wolf's Projects - One of my best friend's projects page. The home for UTeam Fix and other useful stuff.

Buster's Unreal Gold Site - Dedicated to the level designers and players still enjoying the original PC game of Epic's fantastic Unreal series.

UnrealSP - The premier Unreal single player site.

}TCP{ The Clan Punishers - Very old clan that started out in Unreal. They now play UT2K4 mostly but a few of there players grace their presence in the original.

Unreal Texture - Home of the Unreal S3TC project.

UE Viewer - Unreal Engine resource viewer (formerly Unreal Model Viewer)

Smartball's Site - Get his mods here.

Zora's World - Home of Nepthy's

UnrealWiki - Comprehensive documentation of the UnrealEditor, Unreal Script and technical aspects of the Unreal Engine

Unreal on Wikipedia - English version


.: Some of my Favorites

Ebaum's World - Funny videos, funny pictures, flash games, jokes and more.

You Tube - Video sharing website to upload and view your favorite videos.

Internet Archive - This site archives web pages and has tons of music, video and lots of other things.

Robtex - An excellent resource page for internet tools.

GDRadio - Streaming Grateful Dead music and more.

Beck - The official Beck site, and also the most complete. Be sure and check out the video section there.

The Raconteurs - A new band made up of old friends.

Maddox - The Best Page In The Universe

Asshole Checker - Are you an asshole? Find out here.

Mail2Web - Get your email from anywhere.